European Vineyard 

Photos by Hudson Nichols

During a tour of Paradocx Vineyard, we were mesmerized by the crumbling terra-cotta tower that looked like it belonged on the pages of an old European fairy tale. Topped with natural greenery that us wedding pros go gaga for, the tower and its organic garland inspired the color palette for the day. 

We decided to go with a vintage vibe for our couple's attire, their classic decor and the iconic Porsche getaway car. Our catering friends provided small but beautiful bites, a perfectly simple crepe cake and of course, there was the wine. We imagined this wedding to be an intimate one – with the couple surrounded only by their closest family and friends, spending the evening eating delicious food and sharing wine and stories around a communal table. The vineyard provided acres of gorgeous fields for portraits, with details set in the rows of grapes themselves. The moments that we created are very much achievable by any bride and groom choosing a vineyard backdrop for their day.