Whether you've just gotten that sparkler on your finger or you have just gotten overwhelmed with planning, we're here to handle all aspects of your wedding planning. From unlimited access to your planner to full breakdowns of budgets & timelines and help with all of your vendors, our full planning package takes all of that stress and lifts it right off of your shoulders. We will get to know you as a couple and immerse ourselves in your wedding world.  We'll be your unbiased opinion, your Miss Manners, and your extremely organized secretary. We'll help with color schemes, place settings and all of those little details that make your wedding your own. On the day you wed, we'll make sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there. We'll make sure everything is just as you've always wanted. And more. 


 If you have all of your vendors booked and are feeling comfortable about your progress but have a twinge of worry about the day-of, then this is for you. We'll start our relationship about a month before your wedding and get caught up on everything you've done up until then. We'll provide etiquette, advice and planning ahead of time then act as the wedding coordinator on your big day. 

Note: Month-Of Coordination is produced by our incredible team of Lead Coordinators.


We thrive on creating unique events that are bursting with your personality and a little bit of our flair for the dramatic. If you've got big plans for the visual aspects of your wedding but are concerned with how to bring together a gorgeous, cohesive wedding AND the logistics of it all, design services will alleviate those worries. We will work with you to create a design plan for your wedding day and work with you throughout the planning process to acquire the supplies needed for those little details. We'll be there first thing bringing your ideas to life.


We’d love to create a gorgeous wedding amongst a gorgeous backdrop. We offer destination wedding planning services that include location & venue scouting & negotiation, travel management, design services, concierge services and event excursions. We bring our knowledge and expertise to the location of your choosing and bridge the gap between your home and wedding destination. 

The above services are a good representation of what we do for our couples. But since every couple is different, we're happy to work up a custom proposal based on your individual needs. Let us help you make the big decisions based on our knowledge and relationships with talented wedding professionals but also let us help you create those little moments that make a wedding truly amazing.