Jardin de Buis

Photos by Lauren Fair

In the countryside of New Jersey sits an old estate owned by a landscape architect. It’s name is Jardin de Buis which translates from French to Boxwood Garden. The venue hosts intimate weddings on its grounds and in the greenhouse. There are magical discoveries around every corner both in the structures and in the owner’s collections. We ventured to Jardin de Buis with a group of talented wedding vendor friends to create some magic of our own. 

A table overflowing with fabric and florals sat in the middle of the greenhouse, the peaches and corals popping against the trailing greenery. The same florals, tucked in a large basket, made for a stunning and unique bouquet. Our bride and groom were stunning with her in Rue de Seine dresses and he in his classic black tux.  Her delicate satin shoes, ethereal veil and beaded capelet were just the start of the many fine art details we had the joy of styling. 

Jardin de Buis is a venue for a coupel that wants to wow their guests…from the reflecting pool in the front courtyard to the floor to ceiling windows and the sunsets over the orangerie. It’s an extraordinary venue and we cannot wait to plan another event there!